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Research and Development

Research and Development Research and Development Research and Development

Specializing in soil and plant health

Our Experience

With 40 years experience in the industry, Scott Walker has made a name for himself as an integral part of agricultural development in Canada. Scott got his start in the agriculture industry in the spring of 1979, when he started an organic livestock market garden. It was there that his passion for agriculture was ignited, so in 1981 he decided to attend the Ontario Agricultural College, majoring in Horticulture. Scott used his Horticultural education as an apple producer in southern Ontario, initiating integrated pest management practices, focusing on plant nutrition as a way to increase plant health. In the mid 1980's this was not common practice, tissue sampling and foliar fertilizers were not something that producers were thinking about. In 1995 Scott started working with United Agricultural Producers (UAP), he was tasked with starting up a brand new division of retail sales in the fruit, vegetable, tobacco, and ginseng marketplace throughout southern Ontario and the eastern township of Quebec. This role changed over time to include product development of UAP's Nortrace product line. In 2002 Scott transferred to Western Canada to continue developing products and programs for UAP, until their focus changed to wholesale instead of retail. It was in 2009 that Scott decided that he would start his own company, so he could focus on the products and research that he was passionate about. and thus DSW Enterprises and Consulting was born, the brain child of a man passionate about the future of agriculture and the role of biologicals and biological stimulants. 

Why Us?

DSW Enterprises and Consulting is focused on finding biologicals and biological stimulants to help increase plant and soil health while also generating return on investment for producers with an end result of environmentally sustainable agricultural production.