LigniJoule ia a manufactured bio-polymer energy source, derived from renewable plant based lignin's. it's 32% organic carbons aid the plant in its efforts to generate more photosynthesis, soil nutrient mineralization, and soil biological stimulations. 

LigniJoule Seed Treat


LigniJoule Seed Treat is  specially formulated as a high concentration form of LigniJoule, with use rates as low as 1 gr. of product per ton of seed depending on crop. 



ACF-SR by Advanced AG is a product that combines 5 different beneficial bacteria to create a broad spectrum plant growth promoting bacterial mixture that enhances root growth while drastically improving the soil microbial environment and soil structure. 

Trial Results

ACF-SR on Coloured Beans


Applied post plant, pre-emergence with sprayer and drop nozzles. picture shows view looking down the rows of the field on the treated and untreated sides of the field. Notice the difference in the plant biomass between the treated and untreated sides of the field. 

ACF-SR on Coloured Beans


Applied post plant, pre-emergence with sprayer and drop nozzles. Picture shows 3 plant each if the treated and untreated. Notice the difference in maturity of the treated compared to the untreated, as well as the difference in the amount of pods per plant. 

Foliar LigniJoule


Applied post plant, pre-heading at a rate of 1/2 L/ac. Treated plants showed more tiller development, as well as taller tillers. The tillers were the same height as the main stem so it was posited that the tillers and main stem would reach maturity at about the same time. 

Foliar Lignijoule


Foliar LigniJoule, aerial application at flowering, increased stand-ability on the side treated with LigniJoule as compared to the untreated side  

Foliar LigniJoule


Foliar LigniJoule, applied at the 3 leaf stage, picture taken 10 days post application. Treated plant has increased in size and amount of leaves as compared to the untreated plant. 

LigniJoule Seed Treat


LigniJoule Seed Treat for pulses, applied at